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How To Get Back Into Running - According to Experts

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Setting ambitious fitness goals – we've all been there. You're motivated and ready to roll, but then life happens. Now you’re left wondering how to get those running shoes back in action. Worry not, because this blog's here to fan those flames of your running passion, whether you're dusting off those old trainers or bringing in a new pair.
This journey is about reigniting that spark for running, no matter if you’re dusting off your skills or just starting out. Let’s jump in and get those running paths blazing once more.

The Mental Preparation

Diving back into running isn't just about flexing those muscles; it's like a mental marathon. Start by giving yourself a bit of a pep talk – yes, right in front of the mirror. Ask yourself why you're lacing up those trainers again. Whether it's to boost your health, unwind after a long day, or simply for your love of running.

Physical Assessment and Goal Setting

After getting your mind all set, it's time to think about where you stand physically. It's time for a little health check. Maybe swing by your doctor’s office for a quick chat, especially if you've got any health concerns tucked away. They’re the pros who can tailor a running plan that suits you best.
Next, set your goals. What's your aim? Whether it's running a marathon, losing weight, or just getting your stamina back up, remember: it's all about taking one step at a time. Those small steps will lead you to big leaps forward.

Starting Slow: Building a Foundation

Don't go bolting out of the starting blocks just yet. Kick things off with brisk walks – feel the rhythm and enjoy the moment. Then, gradually add some short bursts of running. Soon, you’ll be surprised to find that running a couple of kilometres will feel like a breeze. Keep it steady and watch yourself grow.

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Choosing the Right Gear and Apparel

Selecting the right gear is crucial for ensuring a run that's both comfortable and enjoyable. Let’s break it down:

The Importance of Good Running Shoes

Picking out running shoes is a big deal – they’re like your feet's best pals. Look for ones that offer support and comfort, a perfect match for your feet. The right pair can dramatically change your running experience.
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Apparel for Different Weather Conditions

Dressing up for the run depends a lot on the weather. Consider the following:

  • Rainy Days: Embrace water-resistant jackets. If it’s really pouring, waterproof trousers are the way to go.
  • Transitional Weather: A light, long-sleeve shirt with a vest or a half-zip jacket that you can tie around your waist is perfect for unpredictable weather.
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Balancing Comfort and Performance

Your gear should help you perform your best while keeping you comfy. If you're on the hunt for such apparel, TCA's range strikes a perfect balance between comfort and performance. They've got a fantastic selection that meets all your running needs, ensuring you step out in both confidence and style. Make sure to check out our best-selling 2 in 1 running shorts and men's gym shorts with zip pockets!

Incorporating Strength Training

Running isn't just about your legs; it's a whole-body workout. This is where strength training steps up to boost your running performance.

Benefits of Strength Training for Runners

Melding strength training with your running schedule is like a dream team for your fitness. It's more than beefing up muscles; it's about upping your running efficiency. A stronger you equals a better runner.

Simple Exercises to Improve Running Performance

You don’t need a gym full of equipment to get stronger. Your living room or the local park can be your training ground. Here are some easy exercises to follow at home:

  • Squats: Good for strengthening quads, hamstrings, and glutes – key muscles for robust running.
  • Lunges: Brilliant for boosting balance and stability.
  • Planks: A must for a strong core, which helps keep your running form solid and reduces injury chances.
  • Calf Raises: These are simple yet effective for building calf strength.
  • Side Leg Raises: Great for your hip abductors and important for movement stability.

Integrating Strength Workouts into Routine

Blend these exercises into your regular running routine. They give your running that extra edge. A dash of strength training can really elevate your running game, making each stride better than the last.

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Finding Motivation and Accountability

Running solo can sometimes feel like a lonely road. That's precisely why roping in some motivation can really light a fire under your running routine. It's what keeps your feet moving even when the couch is calling your name. Without it, your runs might start to feel a bit like running on autopilot.

Tips to Stay Motivated

Keeping that spark alive in your running journey can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some bullet-proof tips to stay motivated:

  • Find a Running Buddy: Pair up with a friend who shares your running goals. It’s more fun and you can motivate each other.
  • Join a Running Community: Being part of a community can give you a sense of belonging and shared purpose.
  • Track Your Progress: Use a running app or a journal to monitor your progress and celebrate improvements.
  • Celebrate Small Victories: Remember to give yourself a high-five for every achievement, no matter how small. These moments are milestones on your running path – cherish them!

Overcoming Setbacks and Challenges

The journey back to running isn't always smooth and straight. You might stumble on some hurdles, like a missed workout or a motivation slump. But don't let those throw you off track. Keep those trainers tapping on the pavement, come what may.

Celebrating Progress and Milestones

Getting back into the rhythm of running is something to be proud of, so don't forget to celebrate your achievements along the way. It's not just about hitting those big targets like a new personal best or a longer distance. It's also about the small wins – maybe you managed to stick to your running schedule for the week or felt a bit stronger on your last run.

TCA's Recommended Training Apps

  1. Strava - Your Running Companion: Strava is more than just a run-tracking app; it's a vibrant community of runners and athletes worldwide. Offering comprehensive run analysis, real-time GPS tracking, and the ability to compete with friends or challenge your personal bests, Strava turns every run into a rewarding experience. Engage with fellow runners, discover new routes, and let the competitive spirit within you thrive with this all-encompassing app.
  2. Down Dog - Yoga for Runners: A holistic approach to running involves not just pounding the pavement but also nurturing your body's flexibility and strength. Down Dog is your go-to app for customizable yoga sessions tailored specifically for runners. With various intensity levels and session lengths, you can seamlessly integrate yoga into your routine, aiding in recovery, preventing injuries, and enhancing overall performance. 
  3. MyFitnessPal - Nutritional Tracking Made Easy: Fueling your body with the right nutrients is a crucial aspect of any running journey. MyFitnessPal simplifies nutritional tracking, allowing you to log your meals, monitor calorie intake, and track your macros effortlessly. As you get back into running, ensuring your body receives the right nourishment is key to sustained energy levels and optimal performance. MyFitnessPal seamlessly integrates with various fitness apps, providing a comprehensive overview of your health and fitness journey.

Integrating these TCA-recommended training apps into your routine ensures a well-rounded and supportive approach to getting back into running. Whether you're seeking community engagement, enhancing your flexibility, or managing your nutrition, Strava, Down Dog, and MyFitnessPal collectively provide the tools to make your running journey enjoyable, insightful, and successful. 


Diving back into running is about shaping a plan that fits just right for you. Whether it’s sketching out achievable goals, finding gear that feels like a second skin, or mixing up your routine with some strength training to keep things fresh – every bit plays a part. So, keep that flame of motivation flickering, even when the skies are grey and your couch is calling your name.


FAQ's on Getting Back Into Running

How can I start running again after a break?

Start slow, mix walking with running, and gradually increase intensity. Include rest days and consider seeking guidance from a fitness professional for a personalized plan.

Should I invest in new running shoes and clothes when getting back into running?

Experts recommend assessing the condition of both your shoes and clothes. Worn-out footwear may lack support, increasing the risk of discomfort or injuries. Investing in new shoes and suitable running attire can enhance comfort and prevent potential issues as you ease back into running.

How do I stay motivated to stick with my running routine?

Set achievable goals, celebrate milestones, and vary your routes. Join a running group or find a buddy for accountability. Incorporate cross-training and focus on the positive physical and mental benefits of running to maintain motivation.

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