Choosing The Correct Size Running Shorts: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing The Correct Size Running Shorts: A Comprehensive Guide

Men's running shorts

Running is one of the best exercise variants you can take part in, something that goes back to human’s very early days as endurance-focused hunter-gatherers. It’s also one of the more affordable means of exercise, but it still pays to ensure you have the right equipment.

A handy water bottle, supportive footwear that helps your stride, and well-fitting running shorts from TCA can provide a much cleaner and safer running experience, helping you achieve optimal running.

TCA is a trusted authority in exercise shorts and training apparel. Our athletic-wear designers take special care to form clothes that both support and provide the full mobility you need to exercise correctly. 

We also ensure our products fit many unique body types, accounting for varied dimensions, sizes, and heights. Through this, our prized goal of inclusivity is achieved through every product we release to market. 

No matter your fitness level, you deserve a pair of 2-in-1 men's running shorts that fit comfortably and enhance your training performance.

When browsing running shorts, it’s important to look for a perfect fit. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to achieve that.

How To Choose The Correct Size Running Shorts

Selecting the right pair of running shorts is a crucial aspect of optimizing your comfort and performance during workouts. The vast array of options can be overwhelming, but by considering key factors, you can find the perfect fit for your running style.

  1. Length Matters: The length of your running shorts can significantly impact your comfort. Shorter inseams provide more freedom of movement and are suitable for warmer weather, while longer inseams offer additional coverage, making them a good choice for cooler temperatures or those who prefer more modesty. At TCA, we offer a range of inseam lengths for our exercise shorts for men allowing you to choose the fit that best suits your eye and comfortability.
  2. Fabric Composition: All of TCA’s running shorts are made with moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics. These materials help manage sweat and keep you cool during intense workouts. Additionally, seamless or flat-seam construction minimizes chafing and enhances overall comfort.
  3. Built-In Liners: Most of our running shorts come with built-in liners or compression shorts. These can provide added support, prevent chafing, and offer a modest option for those who prefer not to wear additional undergarments during their run.
  4. Waistband Design: The waistband plays a crucial role in the overall fit. Our run shorts feature a wide, elastic waistband that sits comfortably on your hips without digging in. Some of our shorts also include adjustable drawstrings which are also beneficial for achieving a customized fit.
  5. Pockets and Storage: Consider your storage needs. Some runners prefer shorts with pockets to carry essentials like keys, cards, or energy gels. All of our TCA running shorts feature strategically placed pockets that are easily accessible without causing discomfort.
  6. Reflective Elements: If you're running in low-light conditions, reflective details on your shorts enhance visibility and safety. If you plan to run during early mornings, evenings, or in areas with limited lighting, our Flyweight run shorts with reflective elements are the perfect choice!

Men's running shorts with liner


Tailored Comfort

Before anything else, running shorts need to be comfortable and align to even your most powerful strides. No matter if you’re enjoying a light run or performing sprints after a weightlifting session, shorts must conform to your needs.

That’s why our shorts are lightweight and breathable, while also offering essential functions like enough zippable pocket space for smartphones. Moreover, our shorts are designed with materials such as QuickDry fabric, which allows you to remain hygienic and feel comfortable during the hardest workouts.

Our elastic waistbands and adjustable fit means our shorts can conform to any body type. We also include many sizes, from XS to XXL and beyond, ensuring you always find the fit you need. This way, if you’re unsure about your fit, you can always order the size up and close the waist gap to fit you.

User-Friendly Sizing Guide

At, we care about transparency.

That’s why we place our user-friendly sizing guide front and centre. 

We’ve also designed many variants of our fitness gear. From compression to athletic, regular to relaxed, we ensure our shorts can fit any kind of fit you’re looking for.

We also design our products to be comfortable for both men and women, with our sizes running the gamut from XS - to XXL.

Our sizing chart is as follows:



















































Women's running shorts


If you have any questions about the sizing guide, please reach out to us and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

We also process quick returns and replacements if you need to go up and down a size. Luckily, as many of our shorts are adjustable and comfortable to wear, it’s easy for a slightly larger fit to work well for many people, so if in doubt, consider choosing a size up and make use of the adjustable strap.

With ladies running shorts, a slightly looser fit that remains secure at the waist can be very comfortable and help with breathability.

Quality Assurance

Correct sizing is nothing without a robust quality assurance process, which is why we commit ourselves to reviewing every product we sell. Our shorts are designed with precision and durability, and we continually review our sizing chart to make sure our customers are well accounted for.

All bodies are different, which is why we prioritise ourselves on inclusivity and appealing to a wide variety of people. Our confidence in our products is demonstrated through our return guarantees and customer testimonials. As such, we’ve had the chance to be involved in thousands of fitness journeys, and couldn’t be more delighted by that.

We’re certain our shorts will deliver on your needs. That’s why we offer a robust and customer-serving refund policy that helps you process a quick return if you’re unhappy in any way.

A Wide Audience

We continually develop our latest products in line with the insight of practising athletes. This way, we understand the latest requirements and needs to help you achieve that perfect workout routine while ensuring beginners and elite-level athletes are both served, including everyone in between.

You don’t need to be actively training for a marathon to enjoy the best of your running shorts, either. Perhaps you enjoy weightlifting, rowing or spin cycling - our shorts with zip pockets can work well for that too. Multi-use function and comfort are assured, no matter if you’re breaking a personal record today, or even just hoping to relax in comfortable clothing during those hot summer days.

About TCA

We’re a proud company, that started with a desire to grassroots approach to redefining fitness apparel. We started with our celebrated technical compression sportswear to provide for the widest possible variety of athletes, both beginner and elite.

We also aim to give industry-leading fitness apparel without charging overbearing prices, and so far we’ve been fortunate enough to draw some wonderful clients who have centred our brand in pursuit of their health journey.

We design our clothes for our rapidly growing user base, no matter the individual size and shape of their bodies or the sports they most enjoy. We prioritize the virtues of hard work, self-belief and mutual support to empower our clients to achieve their fitness goals. It’s been a delight to see so many of our customers make good on their health goals and enjoy a much higher standard of living.

Discover TCA Shorts today!  

Our running shorts are among our hottest-selling items, but we also offer a great deal of sports apparel, from compressionwear to gilets, from tees and tanks to fitness accessories. We’re sure you’ll find sportswear you love with TCA. For those cold weather days when shorts may not be appropriate, we also offer men's joggers and running trousers!



How Do I Determine the Right Size for Running Shorts?

Choosing the correct size for running shorts involves measuring your waist and hips accurately. Refer to the brand's sizing chart for specific guidance, considering that sizes may vary between brands. It's crucial to prioritize comfort and ensure the shorts allow for ease of movement during your runs.

What Should I Do if I Fall Between Sizes for Running Shorts?

If you find yourself between sizes, experts recommend opting for the larger size. Running in shorts that are too tight may cause discomfort and chafing. Additionally, consider the shorts' design, as some styles may offer an adjustable waistband or drawstring for a customized fit, such as TCA's best-selling running shorts.

How Can I Avoid Common Sizing Mistakes When Purchasing Running Clothes Online?

To prevent sizing errors when buying running clothes online, take accurate measurements of your waist, hips, and other relevant areas. Thoroughly review the brand's sizing guidelines and consider checking customer reviews for insights into fit and sizing. If uncertain, reach out to customer support for guidance to ensure you make informed choices when selecting the right size for your running clothes.

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