DONE Branding / About TCA

Our story begins in 2012 in Hackney, East London.

We started from scratch. That is why we know that there is no greater victory than looking back and seeing how far you have come.

We are proud that TCA is an organic journey driven by ambition, perseverance, and a strong desire to offer high-quality sportswear that is accessible to all those who love sport just as much as we do. TCA business took off after the launch of a collection of technical compression sportswear, still one of our best-sellers.

We designed and developed our collection for everyday athletes. For those who love running in the park before going to work, playing football with friends, wearing boxing gloves or taking a yoga class. For all types of indoor and outdoor activities.

Like an athlete who wants to achieve a goal, we worked day after day, to improve our sportswear and design new products.

After our compression sportswear, we introduced the Elite Tech Short, the first technical training tees and, after a long period of development, we launched our first women’s style.

Our approach is different: we know that there are no shortcuts to achieving a personal goal! For this reason, we dedicated time and consistency to create a high-quality fabric, that can withstand every workout and last over time. As a result, we launched our Supreme Legging in 2014 and sold 11,000 pairs in the first 12 months.

With urban design and a little cheeky attitude, we support more than a thousand women, men, and kids who train with us. They are our everyday heroes. Despite their busy lives, they manage to carve out time for sports, to fulfill a dream, and feel better.

Without them, we wouldn’t have written our story.

Take a look at our wide offer and start writing your story with us!