The Benefits Of Compression Clothing - Essential Activewear

The Benefits Of Compression Clothing - Essential Activewear

Compression shirt

There are many forms of activewear to use and enjoy daily, but the most popular among them is compression apparel.

What is compression clothing?

Put simply compression garments are tight-fitting but still offer a capable stretch. You may imagine materials like spandex or elastane which help to exert pressure on the body. Compression wear, also known as "base layers", has become commonplace within the fitness industry, but it also has therapeutic and even medical uses as well.

If beginner trainees and elite athletes all utilise compression clothing, you can see just how many benefits they provide. But what are the benefits of compression clothing developed by TCA, and why should you prioritise this style of activewear for your next fitness investment?

In this article, we’ll go over the most essential virtues of this style:

Benefits of Compression Fitting Clothes

Enhanced Muscle Support

Compression shirts, sleeves, and leggings can help to support you during a range of fitness movements. All fitness training requires mobility to complete a full range of motion, no matter the exercise. This means that fitness apparel which actively supports and assists you in those movements, without restricting you, can be beneficial.

We can see this at high levels of the competitive space, where seasoned powerlifters will often wear “squat suits” to help unlock the power of elastic energy, helping them bound out of a deep squat with the power and strength needed to lift the barbell.

But this is just one form of compression utility. You can also benefit from compression shorts when cycling, jogging, or even performing yoga movements

This is because TCA compression wear helps to reduce your muscles vibrating or oscillating, helping to support your movements while also reducing fatigue. This can also prevent muscle soreness after a hard workout, no matter what fitness level you’re at.

Improved Blood Circulation

Optimal circulation is essential for performance because without the right amount of oxygen feeding your muscles, it’s easy to feel tired, sore, or even unable to produce the performance you were expecting.

Of course, poor circulation must always be treated by your healthcare provider or doctor. But if you have good circulation, you can promote its optional function further by wearing compression apparel. 

By applying pressure to the body’s surface, you help to remove metabolic waste products and enhance oxygen delivery, which allows you to recover faster and train for longer. There’s a reason most elite-level athletes use this form of activewear, but you can still find a benefit no matter how in shape you are.

Faster Recovery

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that exercise is there to break our muscles and endurance down, that’s why we expend such effort. It’s in the recovery where we see the strength and stamina gains, as we’ve trained our bodies to adapt to more pronounced stress than we might otherwise experience.

For that reason, the common refrain of “muscles being built in the kitchen” tends to be truer than the common wisdom of them only appearing in the gym. Compression wear can be a great asset here. By reducing swelling, especially in the legs (compression shorts and 2 in 1 running shorts), while also helping with injury prevention against shin splints/muscle strains and soreness, and also improving the circulation of your body, you can rest more easily and recover quickly.

As mentioned above, the limitation of muscle vibration also allows you to store elastic energy more readily, which helps you work out with the correct form. When you isolate your training to where you hope to grow by exercising perfect form, you can return to your next session more rested, energetic and focused than ever.

Compression pants

Temperature Regulation

Working out is rarely the most glamorous thing you can do, even if it feels great and thoroughly promotes health and wellbeing. That’s fine, no one goes to the gym for a fashion shoot. But if you ever did, compression wear would be your main choice.

Temperature regulation is a big part of that. By helping you remove moisture using moisture-wicking technology, you can regulate your temperature even during your hardest workouts.

Of course, this shouldn’t deter you from working out in appropriate weather conditions or staying hydrated no matter what training plan you’re working on - but compression activewear can help you avoid feeling like an overly sweaty and blubbering mess during your hardest efforts.

For that reason, compression wear is a firm favourite for those who exercise outside, such as cyclists or runners who often find themselves working out in all temperature conditions. Moreover, it’s not just sweat and warmth that can feel more comfortable in compression gear, but it helps to retain your body heat during colder periods, too. 

For this reason, you can aid your body as you work out, expending less energy on keeping your body at the right temperature and more energy on working out and giving your best performance.

Some report that compression clothing has actively made them enjoy training in the winter again, and it’s hard to think of a more worthwhile benefit than that.

Stylish & Functional Design

Activewear can look great, and help you feel confident while exercising.

At TCA, we design our compression wear to fit a wide variety of body types and dedicate ourselves to diversity and inclusivity in all designs we sell. For this reason, activewear can also be enjoyed casually, no matter if you’re wearing these garments under your work apparel to hit the gym after your shift, or to relax on a warm summer’s day.

Our fusion of style and functionality ensures that well-fitting compression flatters your figure and helps you feel highly comfortable, and many customers report comfort and relaxation thanks to the slight compression of our clothes.

Our sleek designs are also tasteful, clearly of our brand but not over-decorated with clashing colour schemes and garish logos. For this reason, activewear can be worn no matter if you’re competing in a vital competition, or simply heading to the gym for a composed Sunday workout.

Why not check out our variety of activewear styles today?

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Compressions Clothing FAQ's

What are the benefits of wearing compression clothing during exercise? Compression clothing offers several advantages during exercise, including improved blood circulation, reduced muscle soreness, and enhanced performance. By applying gentle pressure to the muscles, compression garments help increase oxygen delivery and remove metabolic waste products, leading to faster recovery and reduced fatigue.
Can compression clothing help prevent injury?

Yes, compression clothing can play a role in injury prevention by providing support to the muscles and joints. The compression helps stabilize the muscles, reducing the risk of strains, sprains, and overuse injuries. 

Can compression clothing help with recovery after exercise?

Absolutely, compression clothing can aid in post-exercise recovery by promoting blood flow and reducing inflammation. Wearing compression garments after a workout helps to flush out metabolic by-products like lactic acid, which can contribute to muscle soreness.

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