Why do running shorts have liners?

Why do running shorts have liners?

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If you’ve ever worn running or even swim shorts before and felt confused about their inner liner, you may have wondered about their purpose. 

Years can pass without ever really knowing why you have to thread your legs through two sets of openings when wearing them, or why it feels like you have an extra pair of netted underwear on each time.

But these liners serve a very real purpose. Such liners can be netted, or a “two in one” design where the inner fabric is a little looser than the outer fabric, but can be worn comfortably nonetheless.

Never fear, because in this guide we’ll answer this question for you once and for all. Moreover, we’ll also discuss how TCA approaches this vital question when designing their best activewear products.

What are the benefits of liners in running shorts?

There are many benefits to wearing lined running shorts from TCA. Here are a few:

Moisture Management:

Liners in jogging shorts, especially those from TCA, excel in moisture management. The liner wicks away sweat from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable during your run. This is essential for preventing chafing and irritation. In other words, liners offering moisture management will help you run more comfortably for longer. 

After all, the more you have to think about your shorts during a run, the less suited they are to the task. With reliable moisture management, you can more readily continue and achieve your running goals.

Chafe Prevention:

Chafing is uncomfortable, but it’s not only moisture that causes it. By providing a smooth layer between your skin and the fabric of the jogging shorts for men, liners reduce friction, minimizing the risk of discomfort and skin irritation, particularly during those longer runs.

This anti-chafing keeps you more comfortable, sure, but it also helps prevent sores, rashes, and other harmful skin reactions from chafing that may prevent you from running as you hoped. Chafes may seem like a minor annoyance but they can become a pronounced issue if left unattended to over time.

At TCA, we make sure you never have to worry about this kind of problem. Moreover, our fits are designed for a range of body types and sizes, so you can always find the most comfortable fit no matter who you are or how unique your correct running form may be. Our mens running shorts with phone pocket feature zip pockets, drawstrings for customized fit, and lightweight and breathable materials, make these one of the best running shorts for men!

Breathability & Airflow

It's important to have proper airflow and breathability in your clothing when doing any type of exercise. Without that, it’s easy to overheat, and for perspiration to no longer evaporate. 

Moreover, non-breathable fabrics are uncomfortable to wear in the heat of exercise and can limit your performance. It’s why many people shudder at the thought of working out in their work suit, or while wearing jeans.

But how does a running shorts liner effectively allow for appropriate airflow? Mesh panels or strategically placed ventilation zones enhance that airflow, preventing the buildup of heat and moisture in important areas. 

As you can imagine, shorts cover your hips, which is where the power is generated when running or performing any push and pull movements. 

This area requires breathable fabric given that’s where most of your movement is generated from. That’s why all of TCA shorts are designed with airflow and breathability as a priority.

Added Support & Enchanced Comfort 

The built-in liner provides additional support to minimize bounce and jostling during your run. This is especially crucial for both men and women, offering a comfortable and secure fit that enhances the overall running experience.

The liner's snug fit and seamless construction contribute to an overall comfortable feel. It adds a layer of protection without restricting your movements, allowing you to focus on your run rather than adjusting your shorts constantly.

What are the differences between lined and non-lined shorts?

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So, certain running shorts have liners. Does that mean non-lined shorts aren’t worth wearing? 

Not at all!

Non-lined shorts can be just as comfortable as lined shorts, but may not have the same kind of chafe protection or breathability as others. 

That said, non-lined shorts can allow for the wearing of compression tights underneath, they enjoy a lighter feel which is good for a more minimal running experience, and if you just prefer a lack of netting, you’re well-suited with this variant.

Or, perhaps you intend to wear running shorts over longer compression leggings, especially if you hope to layer up in winter. There are many reasons as to why both are valid for any one person, and so don’t feel as though you’re “running incorrectly” if you prefer to layer your athletic wear in a unique fashion.

Consider TCA running shorts today!

At TCA, we’re proud to offer a range of original designs for both lined and non-lined running shorts. We also stock shorts in a range of colours and sizes to make sure they’re suitable for any taste and body type.

Why not browse our selection today? Your running journey starts now!

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